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Vision and Values

About Us

The next generation of energy solutions
for remote communities.

Vision & Values


SSi Energy will provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for the production of heat and power in diesel micro-grid communities that reduce the total cost of energy, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and enable long-term local economic, social, and environmental sustainability.


Our vision can only be realized through respect for and collaboration with the communities and organizations we serve;

Our culture is one of transparency, honesty and inclusion in all of our dealings;

We will be innovative and technology-current, ensuring that the communities and organizations we serve, no matter how remote their location, receive the best possible energy solutions.


To secure, test, certify and distribute innovative new clean energy technologies across Canada through a network of certified resellers and integrators.

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About SSi Energy

SSi Energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SSi Canada (formerly known as SSi Micro Ltd.) Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, with a network operations centre in Ottawa, SSi Canada designs, builds and operates innovative telecommunications platforms across Canada’s North and around the world. The SSi team understands first-hand the challenges and logistics faced in providing effective and affordable service to under-served and remote communities.

SSi Energy grew out of the necessity to find innovative energy solutions that worked in our northern markets, not only for our own telecom facilities but for the communities as a whole.

SSi Canada is a family-owned company with northern roots dating back over 50 years. In the early 1960’s, the Philipp family of Fort Providence, NT, established a small motel, coffee shop, and store known as the Snowshoe Inn (SSi). Over the years, the motel was expanded, and the business grew to include a restaurant, lounge, commercial rental facility, heat and power plant, industrial equipment services and bulk fuel sales, becoming the largest employer in the community.

For over 45 years, the Snowshoe operation in Fort Providence has been off-grid, supplying its own heat and power to 80,000 square feet of commercial space for a fraction of the cost that would otherwise be charged by the local utility. Due in large part to this affordable energy solution, the Snowshoe Inn family company has thrived for five decades and serves as a true model of a northern sustainable business.

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SSi Energy is the logical evolution of our company and represents the next generation of energy solutions for remote communities