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Community Benefits

An innovative solution to reducing fuel consumption and lowering a community’s energy costs while generating opportunity and revenue.

The SSi Energy solution provides innovative new technology that enables remote micro grids to dramatically reduce the total cost of energy while also enabling transformative social impact like affordable housing, local food security & jobs. By partnering with the local franchise operator communities can take advantage of one or more energy options:

  • Capture waste heat to enable community projects by reducing overhead heating costs.
  • Add renewable (solar/wind) options to reduce electrical load and costs in summer.
  • Become an independent power producer (IPP) to reduce diesel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions as a first step in furthering the community’s green initiatives.

Over time, as partnerships develop, funding grows and human resources allow, the long-term community benefits are numerous.

  • Public facilities such as schools, health centres, libraries, arenas, recreation facilities, community centres and administrative offices can all be powered and heated at a fraction of the current expense.
  • Affordable housing becomes more feasible and cost effective.
  • Community residents benefit with lower energy rates, reducing monthly living expenses.
  • Low cost heat enables the opportunity for a community greenhouse to grow healthy and inexpensive fruits and vegetables, addressing the issue of food insecurity.
  • Local jobs are created to build and maintain the new power plant and district heating system, construct new buildings, operate the greenhouse.
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Partner Benefits

In most cases, the partnership to build a community’s independent energy solution will include the municipality and local or regional indigenous organizations. By investing in clean energy and reducing their community’s dependence on diesel, these partners will experience long-term sustainable benefits.

  • The sale of electricity will generate consistent and reliable annual revenues.
  • The sale of captured waste heat will generate significant ongoing revenues as it is distributed to public buildings through the district heating system.
  • These revenues can be used to support the community’s social and economic goals, providing student scholarships, youth programs, investments in local organizations and businesses, enhanced senior care and much more.
Partner Benefits

Support for youth programs

Government Benefits

Government investments in the SSi Energy solution for remote communities will realize specific and measurable benefits in the following areas:

  • Reduction in the overall cost of energy, including fuel purchase, transportation and storage;
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per community;
  • Meeting diesel reduction targets;
  • Meeting clean energy targets;
  • Saving costs by retiring old power plants or designating them as backup electrical facilities only.
  • Meeting food security targets and increasing affordable access to fresh produce by using waste heat to operate community greenhouses.
Government Benefits
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