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The “Super” Battery, produced by KiloWatt Labs and referred to as the Sirius Capacitor Module, is the world’s first supercapacitor-based energy storage system. This revolutionary new technology can be used for everything from residential solar installations to large community grid scale applications.

Distinct Advantages

Unlike conventional chemical batteries, this new battery uses graphene supercapacitors to distinct advantage:

  • Scalability – serving storage needs from a few kilowatts to multiple megawatts
  • Grid Stabilization – frequency and voltage stability, eliminating spikes and brownouts
  • Environmental – able to operate from -30C to +85C with no harm
  • Environmental Safety – 95% carbon, completely non-toxic, clean and recyclable
  • Longevity – 1,000,000 + cycles and a 10+ year shelf life (45+ years operational)
  • Safety – remote monitoring of all operational parameters

Sirius-3550 – User Manual

Sirius-3550 – Technical Data

Sirius-7100 – User Manual

Sirius-7100 – Technical Data


Super Battery and Energy Server Combined

When combined, the Super Battery and Energy Server deliver an energy management alternative that offers unprecedented performance and meets the demands of most use-cases while unlocking the economic and environmental potential of renewable energy.

Super Battery

Attributes include:

  • Can be deployed at any scale and in any location, independent of or connected to available infrastructure;
  • When deployed in remote locations with no grid access, can supply electricity from 100% renewable generation, eliminating dependency on fossil fuel-based generators;
  • Can be deployed with any combination of generation sources, including a combination of renewables and fossil fuel;
  • Categorized as a long-term asset due to long life cycle of storage and long design life of the server;
  • Delivers reliable and stable utility grade electricity. In locations with grid access, can be deployed at mission critical facilities that depend on uninterrupted supply: military bases, hospitals, fire and police stations, data centres, etc. The Energy Server can operate connected to the grid, but switch seamlessly to other power sources in the event of an emergency