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Thermal Storage

The Thermal battery, produced by Sunamp and referred to as the UNIQ series, absorbs and stores heat energy using a technology called Phase Change Material (PCM). When the PCM comes in contact with heat, it changes from solid to liquid and stores the heat until needed. When the stored heat is released the PCM transforms back to a solid and the process is repeated.

These super-compact thermal batteries have been intelligently designed to provide a clean, efficient and cost-effective thermal energy storage solution. They work with everything from gas boilers to solar and heat pumps to deliver domestic hot water and highly responsive space heating with superb efficiency and proven savings of up to 75% on utility bills.

This thermal battery technology is scalable for residential,

This thermal battery technology is scalable for residential, commercial and industrial projects. The batteries are easy to install and have a lifespan of over 40,000 cycles, the equivalent of over 50 years of average use.

For community district heating applications, a container-scale solution will store waste heat where it is generated and move it to facilities where needed. This technology provides large scale energy storage (200 kWh to multiple MWh) that can store energy from waste heat sources or by electricity from surplus grid assets, such as wind turbines and solar arrays, and use it when or where demand requires. It can deliver stored thermal energy to any site with a hot water or space heating requirement.